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The industry is facing a challenge with what’s known as the ‘Heartbleed bug.’ This is a wide-ranging industry vulnerability in particular versions of OpenSSL, a technology that is used by a wide variety of technology companies. McAfee’s Next Generation Firewall and IPS products currently detect this vulnerability, and we are taking further steps to protect customers in other product categories.

We understand this is a difficult time for businesses as they scramble to update multiple products from multiple vendors in the coming weeks. The McAfee products that use affected versions of OpenSSL are vulnerable and need to be updated. For further information, please see the consolidated Security Bulletin that is available on the McAfee Knowledge Center (support.mcafee.com) for further information.


Hotfixes for potentially affected products are on an aggressive schedule and will be out soon.


As the situation evolves, we will continue proactive communication via several channels including our blog, our Web site and our support notification systems for our businesses.


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